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The Night Library by Anna Robinson & Martin Parker


“…inventive and full of intriguing new perspectives, The Night Library is indeed a love song to libraries and librarians everywhere.” – Penelope Shuttle


Poems by Anna Robinson with artwork by Martin Parker

That every library is a magical place, a portal to our world of many worlds, is acknowledged and celebrated in The Night Library. Anna Robinson offers the reader a many-layered and rich response to the library as living entity. It is a roller-coaster ride through the classification system, an exploration of the ways in which books read us and live us; it takes us with verve and energy through labyrinths of volumes, and on to portraits of librarians themselves. Here is a wonderfully satisfying poem, alert to the many realities of the theme, inventive, and full of intriguing new perspectives. The Night Library is indeed a love song to libraries and librarians everywhere. – Penelope Shuttle

What people have been saying

The Night Library is exactly what its name implies: mysterious yet ordered, interrogated yet known by touch, its makers embedded in not just the texts but the furniture and very cosmos they have created. If dreams have their sytems so do libraries as Borges well knew. But this has lyrical verse: spare yet full. Its commentaries are under the skin. – George Szirtes

Drawn with careful night vision, Martin Parker’s mysterious cover image reveals the library’s nocturnal natural order and unnatural possibilities. The delicate drawings throughout reflect the unclassified thoughts and concerns of librarians with visually dreamy transformations.  – Frances Barry

ISBN: 978-1-910413-08-1 (Paperback)
Publisher: Stonewood Press
Price: £6.99 (Poetry)
Extent: 40 pages
Publication: May/June 2015

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Weight 90 g
Dimensions 185 × 110 × 5 mm

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