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Brittle Star magazine is now in its 20th year. Here at Stonewood we’re helping to get the word out by offering single copies of the latest issue (price £6.75 + P&P).



Brittle Star

Issue 46/June 2020

Issue 46 of Brittle Star includes poems and stories by Janina Arndt, Edward Avern, Heidi Beck, Alison Binney, Ama Bolton, Jo Brandon, Justine Louise Budenz, Peter Burrows, Tamsin Cottis, Tina Cole, Jane Devoy, Philip Dunkerley, Maia Elsner, Madison Feshler, David Frankel, SK Grout, Karen Green, John Greening, Janet Hatherley, Louisa Hooper, Annette Iles, Fawzia Muradali Kane, Joan Lennon, Stephanie Limb, Simon Maddrell, Cara L McKee, Valeria Melchioretto, Julie Mellor, Jesse River Dylan Merry, Shan Mukhtar, Max Mulgrew, Jane Pearn, Kenneth Pobo, John Pucay, Rebecca Shore, Jill Townsend

Column by Sarah Pasingham – Epistolary Un-lockdown

Poetry Reviews by Paul Blake – Family Trees & Other Dark Woods

All profits from the sale of the magazine goes to Brittle Star.


Brittle Star cover imageISSN: 1467623019
Publisher: Brittle Star Magazine
Extent: 1 pages
Price: £6.75
Publication: Nov 2017


Additional information

Weight 200 g
Dimensions 196 × 126 × 14 mm


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